Friday, May 22, 2015

w4r3zh4ck Redesigned

I've been working behind the scenes to bring our mobile users a new experience, while sticking with the green-on-black old school tradition without the fancy resource eating memory hog that it is HTML5. As much as I'm against mobile computing I had to redesign the template because of Google downranking non-mobile sites. Why am I against mobile ? Because the shiny expensive smartphones can't do any serious shit except browse the internet, watch videos and play stupid boring 2D games. Have you recently tried GTA V on your mobile ? HA! Try again... We will get there on the touchscreen too, we will soon be able to photoshop, CAD, write code and advanced video edit on the touchscreen faster than on the keyboard and the mouse. Why would you need a keyboard and a mouse anyway, they are worthless pieces of garbage that actually will break easier when they fall on the ground. ....If they ever fall from the desk!

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