Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to change your Facebook name to a single name

Today you will learn how to change your facebook name to a single name, in other words, delete your last name and leave only your first name. You can also change it to your liking. Keep in mind that while as of now it works, it may not work tomorrow!

The whole trick to achieve this change is to fool facebook that you are coming from Indonesia.

This is how my name looks like:

Before actually doing anything I strongly recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox for this job. Also it's highly recommended that you install FoxyProxy Standard by opening the below link:

Install the addon and restart Firefox. Navigate to facebook and  open settings:

Now you need to change the language to Bahasa Indonesia.

Here's how it looks now:

Now click on "Nama" (Name) and copy the url:

and paste it somewhere

The following steps are crucial to your success. You need to actually prove to facebook that you come from Indonesia. We will be searching for proxy IP located in Indonesia.

Open whichever link you like. I opened the first one and here's how it looks like:

Select the IP and Port with the highest speed and uptime and right click on it and do the following:

 Click Yes:

Click OK:

Keep in mind that the proxy IP that you just set may not be online or may be too slow. The key to success here is time and patience!

The next step is very important. You need to verify that now you are using that Indonesian IP. Open Google and type IP. If the IP does not show then navigate to

Great! Now paste the previously copied link in your address bar and press enter. P.S. The link you copied previously is

Delete your last name and if you like, change your first name if you want. Don't use banned by facebook names!
After done click Save (the blue button).

Now facebook will ask you for your password. Type it in and click the blue button.

You are almost done!

Now you need to disable your proxy. Open a new blank tab and right click anywhere. CLick on FoxyProxy and "Completely Disable FoxyProxy".

Great so far! You are using your provider's IP at the moment. Now you need to change facebook language back to yours, did you forget?

Copy/paste the below link in your browser:

And change it back:

And done! Was that so hard? No!

Enjoy your new name and keep walking, Johnnie!

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