Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Awesomeness of the Deep Web

So my friend was interested in this and I thought I would write a straight-forward tutorial of how to enter the underworld.

This is your last chance to stop what you are about to do. You are about to enter a world full of criminals, assassins, drug dealers, pedophiles, government officials, hackers, murderers, stealers and ex/future-prisoners.

Seems like you continued reading this. Allrighty then. Head over the TOR Browser Bundle page and get yourself the latest version of the TOR Browser Bundle. Install it and open it.

The first and most important window should look like this:

After this window a.k.a Vidalia Control Panel opens, it will also automatically open the fully customized Firefox-based browser:

As I said above, this browser is fully customized and configured to work with TOR and to provide maximum security and anonymity.

Now at this point you just have a web browser and nothing else.. You might want to search for content but guess what.. Google is NOT your friend here!

So, copy/paste the following address and it should open The Hidden Wiki. It acts like a small directory for websites on the TOR network.

(And you will definitely paste the following address in your TOR Browser.....)

If you see this, then you are on your own. Your adventure begins now. It is up to you to find what you look for.

Interested in how the TOR network works?

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