Monday, May 6, 2013

Limiting FPS for Old Games

It came to my attention that we live in the 20s of 2000 or a.k.a currently 2013, and our computers are way too FAST to handle old-school games. If you are not a old-school gamer then you probably don't know what we call "games". But anyway, that's a whole different issue.

In this post I will discuss some options that you may use, to limit the FPS (Frames Per Second) of an old game.

So for this demonstration, I chose Pro Bass Fishing 2003 because it is a perfect game for the demonstration, which doesn't have built-in FPS limiter.

As you can see, in the top left corner, the FPS is 265, which is too fast. We need to slow it down!

I found that the Nvidia Control Panel and Fraps are perfect options for this kind of job.

Method 1
In this method, I will use the Nvidia Control Panel (Sorry AMD users!).
Open it up and click on "Manage 3D Settings" on the left and click on Global Settings.
Scroll down till you see "Vertical Sync" and set it to "Adaptive (half refresh rate)".

And click Apply.

Now you see that the game runs at approximately 40 FPS, which in fact is fairly good.

Let's see now the second method with Fraps. (FULL VERSION ONLY!)

Method 2
As I said above, you need the full version (registered) of Fraps.
If you already have it, fire it up and configure it as follows:

What this actually does, is it locks the framerate at 30 FPS and it loops the recording every 3 seconds. But don't forget that the looping will begin after you press AND HOLD F9 for 2 seconds. This way, your hard drive won't fill up with the recording of the game.

And as you can see, Fraps works very well! You will only get the pink indicator when you press and hold F9 for 2 seconds. This means that Fraps is recording your gameplay and it is looping it every 3 seconds so your hard drive won't fill up.


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