Saturday, October 13, 2012

Encrypting DVDs

This topic is going to be short as there is not much to be explained.

When it comes to encrypting DVDs you have 2 choices: Either use Truecrypt (64 chars max password) or use WinRAR (127 chars max password).

If you are going to use TrueCypt or WinRAR just make sure your virtual container/archive is 4487 MB for DVD-R or 4481 MB for DVD+R. Then, use ImgBurn to burn it by SELECTING THE UDF FILESYSTEM !!!!

This best works for Sony DVDs. If you have other manufacturer DVDs then you might want to try making your virtual container 4485 MB for DVD-R or 4478 MB for DVD+R and again burning it using ImgBurn and selecting UDF filesystem.

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