Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Playing GTA San Andreas for PC with PIRATED DVD WITHOUT crack. Here is how I broke SecuROM.

All right I think it's time to tell you how I managed to play the game with my backed up DVD without any cracks. First of all You will need Daemon Tools Pro Advanced and your ORIGINAL DVD of GTA SA.

Now, let's start. Put your original DVD in your drive and fire up Daemon tools pro. P.S Make sure you have enabled Advanced Emulation in Daemon Tools.

So, after you open the program, put your original DVD and select "Make Disc Image".
Now, this is very important, you must choose the protection type of the DVD. GTA SA uses SecuROM, so choose "New SecuROM"

Okay now make your image. If you want to play the game without cracks and without burning it on DVD, then MAKE SURE YOU CREATE VIRTUAL IDE DRIVE in Daemon Tools, because the game will not work under virtual SCSI drive.

Okay, let's assume you want to burn the game into a blank DVD. Open up your image ONLY WITH DAEMON TOOLS, and DO NOT FORGET to select "Burn RMPS data". If you don't do it, the game will ask you to put your original DVD and you won't be able to play it so this is very important.

And... If you plan to back up other PC games or copy protected movies or music... Do it with the same method, BUT make sure you select the right protection of the disc !! Almost all discs have different protection. Also keep in mind that for now, there is no method on backing up PS2 games with Daemon Tools. If you find anything like this for PS2 then let me know.

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