Monday, April 25, 2011

What makes me unhackable ? Learn how you can be unhackable too !




Many better hackers than me have attempted to hack me and failed many times. I will explain why they fail. First of all, I am unhackable. I use Windows 7 SP1, Avast antivirus Comodo firewall set in Custom Policy and KeePass 2 offcourse AND COMMON SENSE LOGIC.

So if you have Comodo firewall you have to configure it first. This is the top priority security you need. At the bottom (Notification area) right click on your comodo icon and select Firewall Security level and make it Custom Policy. This will allow only applications to access the internet, that you allow to. Now, to make it even more secure (recommended), open up Comodo click at the top Firewall and click on Stealth Ports Wizard. Now select "Block all incoming connections".

Some tips about passwords:
Use KeePass 2 to store and manage all your passwords. Delete all passwords on all your applications and never save passwords on them, only store them in KeePass.
Now you should make a strong database for KeePass. I recommend you to set up a master key of 1024 characters  with mixed combinations and if you want, use high ANSI chars too. Now you may wonder how the fuck am I going to remember the 1024 chars password. Well, you don't have to remember it. I personally store my master password in a binary file, at a secret line in a secret location (make sure you backup that file and remember where it is). Also set a key file for your database and keep it secret. For managing your passwords in KeePass, use the integrated password generator which is very good to generate strong and very secure passwords. Don't forget to backup your database and key file (if any) in case of failure !!!! To sync your database across your computers, use the free program Dropbox.

Another tip is to have different passwords on EVERY site. Never use the same password !! Make your passwords complex with mixed case.

Tips in general:
If you are a warez user, always download software from trusted sources and if you download from torrent, make sure you download your software with the most seeders (faster). Always read the comments and think logical before downloading. This will prevent you from viruses.

Ermm... I think I have explained to you how you can be unhackable... I didn't say much about antiviruses but please don't use Norton or any other crappy shit. Always update to the latest version of your antivirus and database.

Well, that's all... Keep safe and USE YOUR MIND !!! Software is not always going to save you.

And if you still doubt my powers, I challenge you to hack me anytime. Good Luck, you will need it. ~Magus PAccO

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