Sunday, August 29, 2010

Warez-BB SUCKS (Rev01) | Warned & then banned for no fucking reason at all ?!?!?!? wtf :D

Okay so yesterday the shit happened. I was doing a job at home and at some time i enter wbb to check stuff and guess what !!! The shitty moder-fucking hindi or whatever mod called RobotB9 deleted my topic of "CommView for WiFi" and warned me because hacking related stuff wasn't allowed !!!!

After that i saw that there are so many other faggots posting CommView:

Then i replied back to his PM saying this:
"Consider binning all other CommView threads and warning posters or i will spread this all over the internet."

And then he replied with this:

.....and banned me.

Warning for no fucking reason and then ban for absolutely no fucking reason. Isn't that a FAGGOTRY ?


  1. it's an absolutely faggotry .i tottaly agree

  2. own their ass. them mothaf*****s